Pediatric Dentistry @ GFD

Pediatric Dentist North Raleigh NCSelecting the right pediatric dental care for your children is an important healthcare decision that can put your young ones on the right path toward a lifetime of excellent oral health.  Children’s needs and dental procedures are different and require special handling, that not all dentists are comfortable providing. Similar to a pediatric dentist office, at Galligan Family Dentistry we understand what it takes to allow kids to have fun and feel comfortable during their kid dentist appointments. Our pediatric dental care is optimally designed with children in mind, whether it’s an infants first dental visit or a teen ready for braces, our office serves the needs of your entire growing family.

Children who visit us will discover that our fun and entertaining atmosphere encourages them to be excited about oral health.  Upon entering our office, kids are met with a huge Cavity Free Club wall of honor where their healthy peers are on display to encourage great oral health and ease your child’s initial apprehensions.  Our lobby features a large interactive kids lounge where children can relax and enjoy themselves before their appointment or waiting for siblings. Our focus is on individualized visits with fun and inviting themed treatment rooms equipped with overhead Netflix shows and movies for a relaxed and positive experience.

Cavity Free AwardMany parents comment that our individualized attention with children has changed the way their kids perceive dentist visits. Our Raleigh dentist office is mostly staffed by parents of children, and we truly understand the needs and desires of pediatric dental care. We provide a slow-paced environment that gives each child time to become acquainted with our staff, office, and techniques. We incorporate fun and reward-based education and treatment for successful visits and long-range positive dental experiences for our pediatric patients.

Our kid-friendly office welcomes pediatric patients of all ages and routinely provides preventive and orthodontic treatment for children from ages one to eighteen.  As children become college age and beyond, our unique family practice allows our grown pediatric patients the same care they’ve always known and trusted.