Xylitol & Fluoride


Xylitol & FluorideXylitol is one of dentistry’s latest advancements toward the continued fight against cavities. Being an all-natural sugar substitute, xylitol is similar to other common sugar substitutes except that its chemical structure mimics simple sugar (sucrose) and tricks cavity causing bacteria. Instead of consuming sugar and producing tooth damaging acid, bacteria that intake xylitol must spend its energy disposing of xylitol due to its inability to metabolize it. Attributes of xylitol include being all-natural, very-sweet tasting, has no aftertaste, similar to widely used sugar substitutes, and is diabetic safe. The shortcomings are that it can cause indigestion if consumed in large quantity and is toxic to dogs and must be kept out of reach from pets. Please review the resource websites below to learn more about the great oral health benefits, safety, consumption requirements, products, and much more.

Fluoride – Water, Toothpastes & Professional Varnish

Fluoride is dentistry’s mainstay for cavity prevention and has played a tremendous part in reducing pediatric cavities over the years and decades. Available in many applications, fluoride is readily available to children in daily life. Dr. Galligan recommends that children begin their fight against cavities as soon as possible, by starting fluoride use at age 6 months., in the form of drinking water and professionally applied topical varnish. The Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that infants begin consuming fluoride, via fluoridated municipal or special fluoridated bottled water, at age 6 months, when used in formulas or other infant meals.

Fluoride varnish applications at Galligan Family Dentistry, are highly recommended during checkup and cleanings appointments, as this method of delivery is considered one of the best cavity reducing interventions available to pediatric dentist patients.

Once a child is able to routinely spit out toothpaste, usually around age 3, it is recommended that a small pea-sized amount of fluoridated paste is used when brushing your toddler’s teeth.