Videos to Teach Kids Proper Dental Health

Teaching Kids in Raleigh the Importance of Healthy Teeth

As a parent you may have heard this before. Why do I have to brush my teeth? Here are some videos to better explain the importance of dental care to small children.

Is your child afraid of the Dentist?

A fun educational video that helps kids understand that going to the dentist isn’t scary, it’s fun!

Brush your teeth song, step by step guide – Instructional Video. A must for those energetic kids that need that fun element when brushing their teeth. Fun way for teaching kids good teeth hygiene practice from day one.

Taking Care of New Teeth

Make Brushing Fun

You and your kids can watch this animations while brushing, and sing along! The on-screen tooth fairies will go through the joy and importance of brushing teeth in a fun and light-hearted manner. Teaching your children proper dental care early will ensure they become responsible adults with healthy smiles.

These are just a few examples of why Dr Galligan is the Dentist Raleigh NC loves.