Orthodontic Appliances

Orthodontic AppliancesOver the years, with more robust long-term studies, evolved technologies, including advanced materials and digital treatment guidance, orthodontic treatment appliances have progressed, and in some cases come full circle, to provide orthodontic patients with the most scientifically-grounded and technologically advanced methods available to date.  Dr. Galligan recommends and implements all facets of today’s modern orthodontic treatment modalities and utilizes the best, research-based appliances, materials, and appliance fabricating labs available to today’s dentists and orthodontists.  Whether your child is in need of standard orthodontic braces and aligners, or requires an early treatment or advanced treatment appliance, know that Dr. Galligan will provide your child with the most modern and appropriate appliance for his or her orthodontic needs, and at the best stage of growth and development.

Common Appliances used at Galligan Family Dentistry

  • Traditional Braces & Aligners – Fixed or removable appliances for moving teeth into an esthetically aligned and functionally improved position
  • Rapid Palatal Expander (Hyrax) – Fixed appliance that expands the upper jaw and teeth by widening a band of soft cartilage in the palate
  • Herbst (Advansync 2) – Fixed appliance that improves the bite, facial profile and reduces overbites by protruding and maintaining the lower jaw in a forward position
  • Headgear/Facemask – Removable appliance that uses the face or neck as leverage to improve jaw-derived over bites or under bites
  • Habit (Bluegrass) – Fixed appliance that prevents thumb or fingers from laying against the palate and employs a large bead for healthy tongue stimulation and positioning
  • Space Maintainers (Transpalatal Arch, Nance, Lower Lingual Arch) – Fixed appliance that uses a thick wire to keep back teeth stationary and prevent unwanted teeth shifting
  • Retainers – Fixed or removable appliance to ensure teeth do not relapse back toward their pre-treatment position