• Awesome dentist. Switched to Dr. Galligan after being annoyed with the privious dentist assistant being rough with our teeth. EVERYONE in this office is great from the front staff to the actual dentist himself! Super great with the kids AND they let you actually go back with the kids. Had one dentist who forbade parents to go back with the kids (my daughter, age 2 at the time came out with a face, red from crying and told me one of the other kids had fallen out of the chair!) Couldn’t get myself away from that one fast enough. You’ll never have that kind of problem here though.
    Jean R.

  • Lo escribo en español para todos la comunidad latina que como yo no dominamos bien el ingles, el personal es muy amigable y sobre todo con una bella sonrisa. Me sentí muy cómoda. Se tomaron el tiempo para explicarme con detalle cada paso. Las manos del Dr. Son muy suaves y su actitud muy profesional
    Los recomiendo con toda confianza

    Eufrancis M.

  • Since I began with Dr. Galligan and Galligan Family Dentistry I have been amazed with the care I have received from Dr. Galligan and his staff. I have very bad anxiety and Dr. Galligan was and has always shown patience in explaining and performing his procedures. He is very down to earth and makes you feel very comfortable while in his chair.
    Kudos to Dr. Galligan, Erin and Vicky for your overwhelming and sincere kindness.
    I have and will continue to recommend friends and family to Dr. Galligan!

    Ciani J.

  • Dr. Galligan and his staff are very friendly, will laugh with you, yet remain very professional.
    With other dentists, my hands would be clenched just during a cleaning.
    The staff understood my anxiety level and worked with me, and now I am quite relaxed during the process.
    I no longer dread my dental visits.
    I have recommended my friends to Dr. Galligan.

    Deb W.

  • Since my move from Ohio it’s been hard to find personable/good doctors. Dr Galligan is always a treat and can deal with me and all my questions! His staff is fantastic and compliment his practice well. Always look forward to my visits.
    Patti W.

  • Wonderful!! I am so afraid of dentists and Dr. Galligan and his staff are aware of my anxiety and do everything they can to alleviate my stress. They are all friendly, kind, and really appear to care about my needs. Dr. Galligan shows me my x-rays and discusses my teeth with me. He spends as much time as I need to discuss and talk with me. I love Galligan Family Dentistry!!!
    Judith H.

  • I just recently switched to Galligan Family Dentistry. Everyone there is not only professional and knowledgeable….they are friendly, as well! The atmosphere is extremely pleasant and comfortable. I am happy to recommend Galligan Family Dentistry to both family and friends. Thank you for such a great experience!
    Sincerely, Gayle

    Gayle F.

  • Dr Galligan and his entire staff make dental care a pleasant experience from appointment scheduling to actual treatment delivery, the quality of care is excelent
    Fabio Franconame

    Fabio F.

  • Cutting edge dentistry.. Dr. Galligan is on leading edge. Staff is excellent and friendly. Location is extremely convenient for Wake Forest and Wakefield residents. They do good work for kids too.
    Kevin H.

  • Another great visit to Dr. Galligan’s……..wonderful staff!! I had the opportunity to have the dental hygienist, Erin, clean my teeth. She’s terrific……she does a great job, but is also very gentle and has a terrific personality!! See you all when my mom comes in for her visit.
    Cindi S.

  • Dr. Galligan, Erin, and the office receptionist/clerk were ALL GREAT. My visits are always a pleasure for me to go in for my cleanings or for whatever reason I have to go in for an office visit. I couldn’t ask for a better staff! My thanks to all of you!
    Sandra W.

  • Dr RG and staff are the very best. They are welcoming and informative each step of the way. I always enjoy visiting the office and recommend them to anyone seeking a dentist for the individual or family. Thank you!!!
    Peter S.

  • Dr. Galligan and staff are always friendly and personal. I love how they know you by name and after six months they treat you like they saw you yesterday. I really enjoy my visits with them.
    Angelica K.

  • Dr. Galligan and the staff have always been great to work with.. They are always very friendly and personable. They are also very informative about the needs of my dental care.. I really enjoy going to see them! Have a great summer!!
    Becky B.

  • Thanks for working with my school senior schedule. I really enjoy your office and staff. See you in 6 months.
    Conner Atkinson

    Connor A.

  • I really enjoy going to Dr. Galligan’s office. The staff and Dr. Galligan are always warm and inviting. My daughter is 4 and they have been patiently working with her over the years to ensure she is comfortable and never has a negative dental experience. My visits are always pleasant as well. Definitely the best dental office I have been to in a long time.
    Tina M.

  • Staff has been very personable, kind, flexible, and professional. I recently changed dentists because I felt that I was not getting the service and attention I needed. I was surprised at how thorough my exam was. I received more information about my teeth with my initial visit with Dr. Galligan than in the many years at the other office I used to go to. I wish I would have made the change sooner.
    Karen S.

  • Dr. Galligan’s office makes going to the dentist a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Office staff is super friendly, hygienist is great and Dr. Galligan himself is awesome! He is up to date on everything and goes out of his way to make sure the patient is comfortable. I had to have a cavity filled and I was given a set of headphones and got to pick a Pandora station to listen to in order to drown out the sound of the drill. I am usually picky about doctors and always second guess whether there is someone better out there. I have never and will never second guess using Dr. Galligan’s Family Dentistry
    Debbie G.

  • Galligan Family Dentistry is excellent. We have been going there for about 4 years now. Our son just had his first dental appointment with Dr. Galligan about a month ago. He was very nervous and did not want to go but they made him feel comfortable and he actually loved the experience. The front desk staff is friendly and helpful. The dental hygienists are wonderful and are very gentle. Dr. Galligan is great and is personable and easy to talk to. I highly recommend Galligan Family Dentistry.
    Blaine C.

  • I recently went to Galligan’s because I had moved close by and wanted a second opinion on a jaw problem I had been having. Other dentists had told me that there was nothing they could do, but Dr Galligan took the time to examine me, and clearly lay out steps that we could take to correct the problem. The staff was very friendly and seemed genuinely interested in ME! Thank you for all of your hard work!
    AJ C.

  • I’ve been a patient with GFD for about 3 years now. Since day 1, my family and I have been treated w/ respect and care worthy of a big thank you! The staff is knowledgeable, kind and willing to help and do everything they can to make your visit an enjoyable one. Great job as always guys.
    John M.

  • My family and I are pleased with our overall care. From the receptionist, to the dental assistants, and most importantly, Dr. Gallighan. It’s nice to experience the warmth that is given from the entire staff. Nice to see that customer service is not lost!! Sincerely, The McConnells
    Patricia M.

  • Dr. Galligan and his staff were very patient with our 2 children when they went for their first dentist appointment. They explained every tool they were going to use to them before they used it and made it seem fun.
    Chris K.

  • The staff is timely, pleasant, accommodating and they do their work very well. I went to the same dentist from my first visit as a child until about 20 years of age who was a family friend: those visits were wonderful. Galligan Family Dentistry treats me just like that now. Baring any major change, they have my business indefinitely.
    Andrew A.

  • I came to Dr. Galligan for “6 month braces”. It was a fairly new technique that involved straightening or in my case closing spaces in my teeth within 6 months. My treatment took a little longer than expected (1 year), but the results were great! Dr. Galligan, nor I thought the outcome would turn out so well. I have fairly small teeth and he originally suggested that I get veneers to widen my smile. But the braces did the job perfectly. Very courteous staff! I would recommend to anyone.
    Brooke E.

  • I came to Dr. Galligan for “6 month braces”. It was a fairly new technique that involved straightening or in my case closing spaces in my teeth within 6 months. My treatment took a little longer than expected (1 year), but the results were great! Dr. Galligan, nor I thought the outcome would turn out so well. I have fairly small teeth and he originally suggested that I get veneers to widen my smile. But the braces did the job perfectly. Very courteous staff! I would recommend to anyone.
    Christina K.

  • A colleague referred me to Dr. Galligan’s office (Galligan Family Dentistry). These people are located in Wakefield, technically Raleigh, but you could spit out your mouthwash and it would land firmly on Wake Forest soil. I started seeing Dr. Galligan about two years ago. A few observations:
    1. Location. Location. Location. This office is extremely nice and in a nice area, convenient to anyone working in Wake Forest or North Raleigh. A visiting dental hygienist doing my cleaning said that she’d never worked in such a state-of-the-art office. Clean, modern and each room has a different theme, so that the back drop of your cleaning, or root canal has some variety.
    2. These guys do a consultation before you go in for your cleaning. They’ll take rubber molds of your teeth and create custom whitening trays and provide dentist-quality whitening treatments free of charge. I’ve been told that this service costs $200+ elsewhere.
    3. They take your picture. Why? This place is above the trend on technology. A photo appears next to every patient’s name on their flat screen monitors, so that they recall who you are before you arrive. In other words, you’re not just patient number 458. Dr. Galligan noted that I’d changed my hair since my last cleaning on my last visit. I thought that added personalization really made them a bit more pleasant.
    4. Nice hygienists. Let’s face it. These are the people that you spend all your time with. Right? The hygienists at Dr. Galligan’s office are very nice. I’ve never left there in pain, with bleeding or aching gums or teeth. They’re gentle but effective and can answer a variety of questions.
    5. Dr. Galligan is very personable and down-to-earth in his mannerisms. You don’t feel like you’ve gone to the creepy dentist guy (i.e. Steve Martin in Little Shop of Horrors).
    6. Nice receptionist/staff. Dr. Galligan’s wife works in the office, along with a few other very friendly ladies.
    7. New patient enrollment was simple and easy- everything was online and could quickly be faxed over.
    8. They accept most insurance
    9. The only spoiler- they’re a bit pricey. For some reason, My insurance didn’t quite cover a few things, despite the fact that my plan offers two free cleanings (I had overages for x-rays and for a filling). I’ve referred four people to Galligan Family Dentistry and they’ve all thanked me and shared their happy dental stories. Smile folks.

    Brooke E.