Risk Assessment

Preventive Dentistry at its Best

Preventive Dentistry North Raleigh NCDr. Galligan will partner with you for lifelong oral health. To begin, he’ll assess your risk for dental disease, especially tooth decay (caries, cavities) and gum disease. The balance of your mouth’s bacteria greater affects disease risk.  If you have a predominantly bad bacteria mix, they can suppress the good bacteria that are preferred and this imbalance allows dental cavities, or dental decay to form.

In an attempt to break the cycle, several new strategies can be employed to change the bacterial balance of one’s mouth and the makeup of the plaque biofilm. These strategies has proven to be a highly effective preventive measure for combating tooth decay in patients of all ages.

At your checkup, Dr. Galligan will conduct a thorough CAMBRA risk assessment by analyzing your cavity and risk.   Using this information as well as assessment of dental history, diet, and lifestyles, we are able to establish one’s risk of developing future dental diseases. A

Many dental products contain antimicrobials, which can kill good bacteria and compromise good pH levels. Products containing fluoride, baking soda, and xylitol, and low alcohol, including those produced by CariFree, Arm and Hammer, ACT, and Epic Dental, to name a few, can be used to improve the mouth’s makeup of plaque bacteria. Some products including rinses, gums, mouth sprays, and gels contain xylitol, a cavity-fighting sugar found in fruits, vegetables, and tree sap. This sugar is not metabolized by bacteria, so it won’t contribute to tooth decay. Just the opposite – it suppresses bad bacteria to improves the harmonious bacteria balance in the mouth.

Learn more about risk assessment, CAMBRA, and CariFree caries management products at www.WCMID.com or www.carifree.com/patients.html.