Patient Information

Welcome & Registration

We appreciate you as an individual who has entrusted us with one of your most precious natural assets – your smile. When you arrive, we’ll have already prepared for your visit. The front office staff will welcome you by name and help you with paperwork and registration. To save time, complete your registration forms at home and bring them to your appointment.

Your First Visit

After we update your records with X-rays and medical history, Dr. Galligan will talk with you about your primary concerns and goals. If you’ve had unpleasant experiences in the past, please share them with us. We can customize your dental care for optimal comfort and peace of mind.

Comprehensive Exams

A thorough assessment of your teeth and gums, as well as an investigation of your records, will help Dr. Galligan determine exactly what’s going on in your mouth. He’ll analyze your risk for dental disease with a saliva analysis, and he’ll discuss lifestyle issues, like diet and personal habits, to fully understand your oral health.

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Caries Risk Assessment

Caries, commonly called tooth decay or a cavity, is a preventable infection that destroys natural tooth structure. Dr. Galligan believes in preventive dentistry to deter dental problems, like caries and gum disease. With risk assessment, he can work toward maintaining your oral health, rather than simply restoring it after infection occurs. Learn more about preventing tooth decay at the CariFree website. Learn more about adult tooth decay in our expanded article.

Digital Photographic and Radiographic Imaging

Digital technologies allow us to improve your smile in revolutionary ways. With digital photographic imaging, we can include patients in the exam process and show you how your new smile will look before treatment even begins. Digital radiographic imaging, commonly called digital X-rays, are more accurate than conventional X-rays, with up to 90 percent less radiation. And, it’s much safer for the environment by alleviating toxic processing fluids and lead film components.

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Frequent and Magnified Examinations

Adult and pediatric populations with the most stable oral health are those that maintain frequent dental visits for routine checkups. Our North Raleigh dental office encourages families to keep routine examinations a priority so that dentist visits remain simple and preventative and utilize our prevention-based motivation and education. At each visit, Dr. Galligan will use magnifying glasses, called loupes, to enhance his diagnostic abilities and detect dental diseases at an earlier state than with a naked eye. Using magnification for diagnosis and treatment has greatly improved dentist’s ability to treat patients with minimally invasive techniques.

Instruction: How to prevent cavity causing plaque build-up and gum disease progression at home

Prevention is the key to healthy mouths and with our instruction, tips, and motivation for proper hygiene we aim to assist all patients maintain a healthy smile for a lifetime. Learn more about gum disease in our expanded article.

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Fluoride Treatments

Sometimes called nature’s cavity fighter, fluoride is a proven method of preventing tooth decay. Learn more about fluoride in our expanded article.

Cold and Sweet Tooth Sensitivity Therapy

Tooth sensitivity can affect even the healthiest of teeth and is caused by several newly treatable processes. Our Raleigh dental office provides education and treatment for alleviating sensitive teeth. Learn more about tooth sensitivity in our expanded article.

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Xylitol Treatment

It may sound intimidating, but xylitol is actually a naturally occurring sugar that reduces the potential for tooth decay. The five-carbon sweetener can be found in fruits, vegetables, and tree sap. Your body actually produces xylitol during metabolic processes. Supplemental xylitol is created from birch tree sap, and Dr. Galligan offers it to patients of all ages. Though it is a sugar, xylitol is not fermentable by oral bacteria, so it’s actually good for your teeth. As part of a proactive preventive dental plan, Dr. Galligan will use xylitol to reduce your risk for cavities and plaque and increase saliva production for remineralization of tooth enamel. Combined with fluoride, xylitol forms an impressive barrier against the bacteria that compromises oral health. We may recommend products with xylitol products for daily oral home hygiene use, but xylitol is also available in chewing gum. Sweet chewing gum! Kids love it. There’s not another sugar in existence that has proven beneficial for preventing cavities.