Orthodontics Raleigh NC – Children and Adults

Dr. Ryan Galligan of Galligan Family Dentistry has been improving smiles in Raleigh NC since 2006. Committed to bettering the health of his patients by making beautiful and healthy smiles for all.

Galligan Family Dentistry provides Orthodontics Raleigh NC care for kids and adults in a warm and caring setting. Dr. Ryan Galligan has practiced Orthodontics in Raleigh NC  for over 10 years. For many children, teens, and adults, Dr. Ryan Galligan will be the dentist they will see their entire lives, who is dedicated to improve their health and increase their self-esteem. He wants to see all Raleigh Kids happy!

At Galligan Family Dentistry we teach people of all ages about their options for oral care and offer them the best Orthodontics Raleigh NC has to offer. We are very excited to provide cosmetic procedures that are truly in line with our minimally invasive treatment goal.

Orthodontics Raleigh NC

Orthodontics Raleigh NC Services Include:

  • Traditional braces for kids, teens, and adults
  • Invisalign and Invisalign Teen™
  • Adult Fast Forward Braces
  • Mouth guards for sports season

Every patient has different needs, and we are proud of the unique and courteous service we deliver to each person who walks into our Orthodontics Raleigh NC office. Whether you’re an adult, teen or child, our team is devoted to helping you achieve the smile you deserve – a healthy, beautiful one!

Galligan Family Dentistry offers Invisalign and Invisalign Teen.

Benefits of Short Term Orthodontic:

  • Short treatment time and less visits (between 4 and 8 months with most patients ending in 6 months: 2-3 times faster than other options)
  • Concealing tooth-colored braces and wires
  • Excellent minimally invasive cosmetic treatment option

Additionally, we offer Traditional Comprehensive Braces for all patients. However, this treatment method is made to correct children’s malocclusions by straightening the teeth as well as correcting abnormal back teeth and jaw relationships. Orthodontic treatment often begins during early adolescence to optimize a child’s early growth phase and get the best results.

Benefits of Traditional Comprehensive Orthodontics:

  • Correct back teeth, bite, and upper/lower jaw relationship orthodontic concerns
  • Optimize bad bite correction during initial growth phase of childhood Socially accepted amongst school peers
  • Lower treatment fee than comprehensive and Invisalign modalities
  • Wont lose and disrupt treatment

Our orthodontic services include information that helps them to make informed choices about their needs. Call us today at our New Orthodontics Raleigh NC Dental Office to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Ryan Galligan. We look forward to serve you and exceed your expectations.