Orthodontics for Children and Adults

General dentist offices around the country have rapidly begun offering orthodontic services to their patients to accommodate the growing desire of busy and health focused families. Adults wanting straight teeth but never had braces as a child and parents seeking dental care for their family at one facility, by a doctor whom they have established trust and familiarity has led this movement. We are excited to offer the following services:

(actual patients)

Our dental office provides adult Short Term Orthodontics, which is a modified version of traditional braces to correct the alignment of the front teeth and provide a smile you can be proud of. Treatment time takes on average about 6 months and utilizes tooth colored braces and wires to help with concealment. This treatment modality is preferred for those adults who are seeking correction of front, smiling teeth without undergoing expensive and non-tooth preserving cosmetic dental treatment options.

Comprehensive Children Orthodontics

Additionally, we offer Traditional Comprehensive Braces for all patients. However, this treatment method is primarily intended to correct children’s malocclusions by straightening the teeth as well as correcting abnormal back teeth and jaw relationships. Comprehensive orthodontic treatment often begins during early adolescence to optimize a child’s early growth phase.