Prevention & Minimally Invasive Care

Keeping What Nature Gave You

Prevention quoteDr. Galligan subscribes to the minimally invasive philosophy of dentistry that emphasizes the importance of preserving a patient’s teeth, not just removing problems. Through regular preventive dental care – checkups and cleanings – daily oral care, and promptly following through with restorative treatment, you can avoid many serious dental health problems. Dental disease of soft tissues (gum disease) and hard tissues (tooth decay) is preventable.

When restorative dentistry is required, Dr. Galligan preserves as much healthy natural tooth and gum structure as possible. This means, when the tissue is healthy, you’ll keep what nature gave you.

New technologies have made minimally invasive dentistry simpler, more comfortable, and more accurate than the dentistry of years past. 

Dental Disease Risk Assessment

Some people are more prone to dental caries, which is commonly known as tooth decay or cavities. To provide truly proactive, preventive dentistry to your family, Dr. Galligan can assess your caries risk, then help you find ways to reduce your potential for tooth decay. Learn more about risk assessment here.