Kids, Tweens, & Teens

Kids Dentistry North Raleigh NCChildren in the post-toddler phase of oral health are often referred to as being in ‘mixed dentition’.  This is an important stage to undergo routine oral health evaluations with Dr. Galligan and his pediatric dentistry focused team since many dental changes have recently occurred, new hygiene expectations are forming, and permanent forever-teeth are being cared for.   The mixed dentition ages are a time when our pediatric patients will learn advanced hygiene techniques for cleaning all surfaces of the teeth and prepare them for a lifetime of healthy habits.  This too is a time when certain orthodontic malocclusions are addressed and early interceptive orthodontic treatment is implemented.  Our unique office offerings allow for your child to be evaluated and treated with the same practice you know and trust, if interceptive orthodontic care is needed.  Please review our Interceptive Orthodontics page for further information about pre-teen Interceptive or phase I orthodontic care at Galligan Family Dentistry.

Products that are helpful for this age group include powered toothbrushes, long handled flossers, and xylitol gum to create ease, efficiency, and fun for children that are leaning the lifelong skills of oral hygiene.  Providing simple and fun oral hygiene gadgets and products can reduce barriers to optimal care and easily encourage healthy habits.

Kids Dental Products