Family Dentistry

Comprehensive Care for All Generations

family dentistryDr. Galligan and our team provide age-appropriate care for patients of all ages. This family approach to dentistry means that when you’re our patient, we’ll know your name, your kids’ names, and we genuinely care about everyone you love. From the front desk to the hygiene team to Dr. Galligan himself, all of our staff members believe in the golden rule – so we’ll treat you like we would our own loved ones. That’s a promise.

We consider your lifelong oral health an attainable goal that you and our team will reach together. As with any worthwhile project in life, we want to know the obstacles so that we can be well aware of the risks. The more we understand about what we’re working towards, the better prepared and equipped we’ll be to achieve our goals. This is true with monetary investments, career pursuits, and even dentistry. Dr. Galligan will begin your new patient experience with a complete risk assessment. Then, at subsequent checkups, he’ll re-evaluate your risk and adjust your treatment and preventive plan accordingly.

Patients of all ages benefit from a proactive approach to dental care – for prevention and restorations. In addition to regular checkups and ultrasonic cleanings, general dentistry involves restoring compromised oral structures to good health. This includes your teeth, gums, occlusion (how upper and lower teeth fit together), and jaw joints. When all of these components are healthy and functioning properly, your mouth will work in harmony. Recent studies indicate that the mouth is a gateway to the body. With this in mind, we see that good oral health contributes to good overall health.

Dr. Galligan offers special dental care for children, as well as senior citizens. Teens and adults also need age-appropriate procedures. At our office, you’ll find minimally invasive dentistry performed according to a treatment plan that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

  • Children may need dental sealants, fluoride supplements, or interceptive orthodontics.
  • Young adults, parents, and image-conscious professionals often want tooth-colored fillings and crowns, or clear, removable braces, like Invisalign. Our cosmetic services are very popular with this age group.
  • Retired patients benefit from lifelike dental bridges and implants, as well as teeth whitening and other cosmetic procedures.