Emergency & Trauma

What To Do

Emergency Dental Care in North Raleigh NCIf your child experiences facial trauma that may involve facial/neck areas or tissues other than the teeth, or has not yet been established as a patient of record, it is best to have your child evaluated by an emergency room team.  If your child is a patient of record and receives trauma directly to the lips and front teeth, call our office for an immediate appointment for evaluation and treatment guidance.

Broken Tooth

Whether its a baby tooth or permanent tooth, both can often times be treated if evaluation and appropriate treatment is rendered.  If a tooth has been damaged  to an unrestorable state, Dr. Galligan will review all available treatment options following a careful evaluation.  Call our office for a same day evaluation to examine and provide sedative or temporary relief of the trauma.

Knocked Out Baby Tooth

A baby tooth that is knocked out should not be re-inserted into the mouth.  If your child loses a baby tooth due to trauma, clean the site with a damp cloth and have your child gently bite on a soft cloth or tissue to slow any bleeding from the site.  The tooth should remain out of the mouth as it cannot be re-integrated with the socket.  A permanent tooth will eventually replace the exfoliated baby tooth, usually between age 6 and 9.

Knocked Out Permanent Tooth

A permanent/adult tooth that is knocked out should be immediately re-inserted into the tooth’s socket.  If the tooth becomes dirty following its trauma, gently rinse with saliva, milk, or least preferred, water.  Then re-insert the tooth into the socket.  If unable to re-insert the tooth, have your child place the tooth in the fold between the cheek and teeth or under the tongue until arrival at our office or an emergency facility.  If the child is too shaken up to hold the tooth in the mouth, the next best option is a container of milk.

Toothache and Non-Trauma Related Emergency

Contact our office to review symptoms and schedule a same-day evaluation to examine and discuss symptoms resolution and any treatment that may be warranted.

Orthodontic Emergencies

Irritating wire, loose brackets, or appliances that become distorted can cause a number of concerns with your child.  Our office provides all orthodontic patients a kit with useful tools and accessories to reduce the symptoms associated with these common concerns.

Drug stores have many of the same items that are useful for managing the common orthodontic irritants, including clippers and orthodontic wax.

If you child experiences an irritating wire or loose appliance and cannot manage the symptoms or is experiencing an uncommon concern with their orthodontic treatment, simply call our office for a quick relief or evaluation appointment.