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At Galligan Family Dentistry, we put a high value on prevention, early detection, and minimally invasive procedures in addition to our cosmetic dentistry services. From routine cleanings to treatment of various dental problems, we will use the latest technologies and techniques to ensure that your mouth is healthy and that you have a very comfortable experience. Learn more about what will happen at your first visit in our Patients pages.



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Minimally Invasive Services

AdultsDuring your dental treatment, you have the option of listening to XM radio on wireless headphones to take your mind off of the procedure and block out the sounds of dental instruments. In addition, our WAND anesthesia system and gentle chairside manner will ensure that your experience is virtually pain and stress free.

Dr. Galligan and our staff will make you the priority and will never rush if you have questions or concerns regarding anything from oral hygiene to dental insurance. This is something we pride ourselves on and believe differentiates us from other dentist’s offices. You will not be treated like a number in our Raleigh dental office.

The more you understand about dentistry and oral health, the better prepared you’ll be to make decisions for your personal treatment plan. These articles explain some of the most common dental procedures we perform, but we offer a full range of services.