Adult Dentistry @ GFD

General Dentist for Adults in North RaleighAt Galligan Family Dentistry, we pride ourselves on our unique ability and desire to care for all the dental needs of your entire family. Although Dr. Galligan has undergone extensive education and training to thoroughly treat pediatric and orthodontic patients, he has chosen not to exclude parent care from his service offerings. As busy parents themselves, the Galligans fully understand the rigors of raising kids so providing a dentist experience that allows an extra level of convenience and comfort for your whole family is paramount to our practice philosophy. Whether you have infant or toddler children not yet in school, or teens pulling you in every direction, know that Galligan Family Dentistry is aiming to meet your demanding schedule by providing parent care within the same office you know and trust.

Dr. Galligan addresses each patient with a personalized approach, first assessing risk for dental disease, then minimizing potential for disease through preventive dentistry. When restorations are required, he preserves healthy tissue as much as possible, which makes restorations smaller and procedures less traumatic. At Galligan Family Dentistry, you can feel confident that your dental work will be durable, attractive, and comfortable. When a specialist could serve you better than our staff, Dr. Galligan will refer you to trusted colleagues with advanced training in specific areas of dentistry.