Dental Implants

The Lifelike Dental Prosthetic

dental implantsNature created teeth to last. They consist of two distinct parts – a root and a crown. If you’ve lost teeth, consider the most lifelike replacement option, dental implants. Like natural teeth, dental implants have a root and crown structure. A small, biocompatible post acts as the root, and an aesthetic restoration becomes the crown. Implant posts are placed into the sockets left by missing teeth. With advanced implant dentistry training, Dr. Galligan understands the importance of precision post placement. He’ll use state-of-the-art technology when creating your implant treatment plan.

Once the post(s) are in your jaw, bone will naturally fuse with them and create a solid anchor on which Dr. Galligan will secure the restoration, or crown.

Denture patients who suffer with slippage or loose-fitting prosthetics often turn to dental implants for denture stabilization. In most cases, four implant posts are sufficient to hold a denture securely in place. Implant-retained dentures eliminate the need for denture adhesive or natural suction because the posts hold the denture in place. Dr. Galligan may be able to retrofit your denture with snaps that attach to the posts. In some cases, a new denture is the best option.

Your quality of life depends heavily upon good health and self-confidence. With dental implants, you’ll enjoy a strong, healthy smile that looks natural and functions like nature intended. Schedule your dental implant consultation with Dr. Galligan today.