Dental Bridges

Seal the Gap Permanently with Lifelike Replacement Teeth

dental bridgesOne or two missing teeth can cause a host of dental problems.

  • Appearance of your smile suffers
  • Remaining teeth can shift and cause occlusion (bite) problems
  • Surrounding teeth must endure additional stress, which causes a greater potential for tooth loss
  • Chewing, biting, and speaking clearly may be difficult

You don’t have to live with missing teeth. Dr. Galligan can design a custom bridge to literally “bridge the gap” by replacing missing teeth. A bridge will replace one or more teeth in a row. On either side of the lifelike prosthetic teeth, crowns are secured to strong, existing teeth. This support keeps the bridge in place securely and permanently. No special care, other than daily brushing and flossing, is required.

Using a trusted dental lab and high-tech equipment, Dr. Galligan will ensure that your new bridge fits comfortably and looks natural.