Cutting Edge Technology

iTero Element digital impression scannerIn recent years, dentistry has greatly advanced in technology dedicated to the comfort and convenience of patients. We are proud to offer you many of these time, cost, and comfort saving state-of-the-art technologies.

Wireless low dose in-room digital x-ray  –  Allows intimate in-room use with pediatric patients.

iTero Element digital impression scanner  –  Goop and gag-free impressions that create extremely accurate orthodontic records, appliances, and dental restorations that are received in a fraction of the time as goopy impressions.

The WAND™  –  Computer controlled anesthetic delivery system allows administering local anesthetic (novocaine) with far less discomfort and fearful thoughts that are associated with yesteryear’s metal syringes.

Magnified diagnosis and treatment  –  Superior examination and improved clinical outcome treatment with illuminated and highly magnified viewing.

Ultrasonic cleanings  –  For those patients that dislike ‘scraping’ during cleanings, modern ultrasonic cleaners provide an alternative that is just as thorough and effective.

Digital imaging – High-res and high-illumination photography that’s essential for excellent orthodontic evaluation and diagnosis.

Digital record keeping  –  Charting, communications, imaging, and x-ray records are at our fingertips allowing efficient and accurate patient care.

Automated appointment reminders  –  Worry and hassle-free scheduling with as much personal human attention as you choose.

Cutting-edge clinical and lab protocols –   Modern techniques throughout clinical care and collaboration with digital-focused orthodontic and dental laboratories.