Braces Care

Scheduled Appointments

Regularity in keeping appointments is paramount to the success and timely completion of orthodontic treatment.  We have reserved your scheduled appointment time solely for you and require at least 24 hours prior notice for appointment changes.

 Oral Hygiene

Braces Care
Braces tend to significantly accumulate plaque and food, therefore excellent oral hygiene is critical for preventing dental diseases such as cavities and gingivitis.  Decalcification white spots (start of cavities) may permanently develop on bracketed teeth if not thoroughly cleaned.  Oral hygiene instructions and cleaning aids are provided at the initial appointment and reinforced throughout the course of treatment.  Powered toothbrushes and Waterpik irrigators are also helpful with food and plaque removal.  Observation of chronically poor oral hygiene may cause discontinuation or termination of orthodontic treatment following consultation with the parent.

Foods to Avoid

Refraining from certain foods will prevent many inconvenient and potentially costly consequences.  These include gummy, sticky, crunchy, ice, hard foods/candy, etc.  Sugary food also will enhance the buildup of plaque and increase the risk for developing decalcification or cavities.  Eating soft foods following adjustments will help with reducing the initial discomfort.

Regular Dental Cleanings

Maintaining routine profession dental cleanings will assist with the prevention of dental diseases and allow us to evaluate risk factors prior to disease onset.

Braces Maintenance and Care

Reporting of loose or dislodged braces or appliances should be made immediately if occurrence is prior to the week of your next appointment.  Please bring any dislodged components with you to your next appointment.  Chewing habits such as pens, etc. should be avoided during active treatment.  Wax is provided for your comfort if rough areas are felt in your mouth.  Normal wear and tear on brackets is expected, however, chronic loosening or breakage of appliances is abnormal and will necessitate additional repair or replacement fees.

Separators Use

If separators (spacers) are being used, they should remain in place for approximately one week.  Avoid sticky or gummy foods to prevent dislodgement.  If a separator becomes dislodged prior to your next appointment, please call our office 2-3 days prior to for replacement.

Elastics Use

If you receive elastic rubber bands, they should be worn as directed and at all times except during eating and cleanings.  Instructions for use will be demonstrated when elastics are provided.  Some discomfort is to be expected during elastic use, however, continual use will diminish this whereas intermittent or sporadic use will perpetuate the discomfort.  Cooperation with elastic use is another critical component of successful and timely orthodontic treatment.  Please ensure that you or your child wears the elastics very diligently.


Some discomfort is to be expected for several days following adjustments.  This should dissipate after several days and if occurring beyond that, please contact our office for an evaluation.  The continual use, using recommended dosing, of over-the-counter ibuprofen, aspirin, or Aleve will assist in reducing discomfort.